DotNames is revolutionizing how blockchains and domain names interact. We are working on a unique way to manage all the existing blockchain-based identities on-chain & earn through it by participating in the platform's growth.

You will see products like DotOmni, DotShm, DotZeta, and others under the DotNames banner. No need to copy-paste your long and complex wallet address now! DotNames gives you the control over your digital identity that you always wanted. With DotNames, you can manage your on-chain reputation with a one-step universal blockchain identity. With DotNames, all the Dapps and blockchains you use will feel more homely. DotNames also allows you to use particular blockchain domains across different blockchain networks. So, if you sport a .shm domain (from Shardeum), you can easily use it on the Omni blockchain (or any other blockchain).

and a lot more...

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