DotNames Docs


DotOmni is a blockchain-based domain-naming service available on the Omni blockchain. With DotOmni, users can convert their complex Omni wallet addresses into simple and easy-to-read domain names.
Essentially, DotOmni converts complex addresses like 0x123abc to easy domain names like DotOmni.omni.
How to Register(On Testnet )?
  • Switch your network on Arbitrum/Optimism goerli
Note : Please ensure to have atleast 0.002 Arbitrum/Optimism Goerli in your wallet. The domain will be minted on the omni chain itself, you are just paying it via Arbitrum or Optimism
  • Search for your preferred domain
  • Now click on "Register"
  • Clicking on "Confirm" to confirm your transaction.
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once transaction is successful you can find your domain in "My Account" section.
Last modified 4mo ago